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  • James Ander
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  • Our app equips schools and families with a tool that tracks students%u2019 attendance and rewards them financially for every class attended.Not only does it decrease high school graduation and college matriculation rates, it also strips much-needed attendance funding from already-cash-strapped public schools. E2Learn was created to address this issue head-on by making class a rewarding experience. Literally.E2Learn promotes awareness of the important role that school attendance plays in achieving academic success and provides a gateway to higher education. Our goal is to ensure that families take an active part and partner with school districts and community agencies to intervene when attendance
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  • Attendance and Time App Campaign Tackles Truancy, Boosts 529 College Fund
  • E2Learn, a non-profit dedicated to supporting students' attendance and time via Gift of College gift cards today announced their Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign launch date of December 26, 2015.E2Learn helps your child to maintain good school attendance, reward good behavior and increase funding for schools.
  • Innovative E2Learn App Campaign http://bit.ly/e2learn rewards academic attendance and time, closes the education opportunity gap and empowers higher e ...
  • December 26, 2015
  • Improve Your Child's Attendance With E2Learn
  • We are coming up with a the revolutionary App in the field of Education. This is an App which is based on the school attendance. This Technology is designed to improve school attendance through family and community engagement while empowering students from undeserved communities to graduate from college.
  • E2Learn was created specifically for the purpose of developing and deploying a transformational, mobile application-based solution to address our nati ...
  • December 01, 2015