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Durex Industries Information
  • Debbie Casaletto
  • 190 Detroit Street Cary, IL
  • Phone: 847-639-5600
  • URL: http://www.durexindustries.com
  • Durex Industries is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of custom electric heaters and temperature sensors for all thermal process applications in the semiconductor, medical, plastics, packaging, adhesives, foodservice, aerospace, steel production, and power generation industries. Durex provides engineered designs from concept and prototype through production. Special testing and services include full x-ray analysis, temperature calibration, life cycle testing, FEA analysis, helium leak tests, and thermal imaging.
Durex Industries Press Release -


  • Durex Industries announces its new Advanced Ceramic Heater technology
  • Durex Industries' ceramic heater technology is available in either Aluminum Nitride (AlN) or Alumina (Al2O3). Ceramic heater technologies offer significant advantages over metal based sheath heaters that have limitations in thermal performance or material compatibility.
  • October 18, 2011