Drunk Driving Defense Solutions Available To DUI - DWI Attorneys In Michigan Through Sobriety , Drug Courts And Jail Diversion Program Initiative

Top Quote Addiction Is A Disease. Medical And Legal Profession Has Come To Realize That While Holding DUI-DWI Offenders Fully Accountable For Their Action(s), The Underlying Cause Of Their Behavior Should Be Addressed Through Medication, Counseling & Group Support And Not By Necessarily Incarcerating Them As It Does Not Rehabilitate Them But Often Does More Harm Than Good To All Concerned. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) May 25, 2011 - Addiction Is A Disease That Convinces You That You Do Not Have A Disease.

    However, Help is available for anyone willing to lead a normal sober life. Michigan Specialty, Sobriety & Drug Courts offer a viable legal option to Jail Time for Drunk Driving, DUI and OWI Non Violent Offenses.

    Logic behind the above creative & practical approach can be explained by the information in the following paragraphs. Please read on. It may help you stay out of Jail as long as you are serious to stay sober and lead a law abiding life.

    "Specialty courts, also known as problem solving courts, are innovative programs designed to address an offender's underlying problem. Trial Court Services staff assigned to specialty courts strive to afford access to therapeutic justice by facilitating efficient and comprehensive problem solving court programs." The Criminal Justice System has correctly come to Realize that addiction is a disease and should be addressed as one. Incarcerating a non violent DUI or DWI offender does not help the individual or the society.

    Receiving Proper Help Under Firm Discipline Guidelines Does.

    Countless in recovery, whether court ordered or voluntarily, have overcome the wicked affliction of addiction by residing in a no nonsense sober residential facility among other recovering addicts and alcoholics. Mandatory daily participation at support group AA or NA meetings plays a crucial part in the recovery process.

    "THERE IS MAGIC IN GROUP SUPPORT" that provides a profound and lasting "healing touch" at only $495 Per Month. One Time $300 Fee Admission Applies

    Sober residential services with "zero" tolerance policy, random drug tests and court friendly rules monitored by a resident house manager plus a supervisor offered by Structured Living LLC thru its eight "gender specific" facilities in Ann Arbor, Michigan provide the proper requirements set forth by the Specialty and Drug Courts or Jail Diversion Programs for consideration of sentencing options pertaining to DUI and DWI citations

    Visit or call Structured Living LLC at 734-846-0966

    Reputable Local IOP, Counseling and Therapy Services Available. Most Residents Qualify For A "Bridge Card" From The State For Free Groceries.

    Structured Living LLC is a subsidized "giveback" personal initiative, financed and managed by A Grateful Recovering Alcoholic Serving Drug Treatment Centers nationwide. It is not State funded and does not accept any donations or contributions.

    Ann Arbor ranks among the very top few "recovery friendly" cities in the United States.

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