Drivers Avoid Speeding Tickets With New Police Laser Jammers

Top Quote The new Blinder Xtreme M25 and M45 are defeating police laser guns and saving drivers big money! End Quote
  • Atlanta, GA (1888PressRelease) May 04, 2008 - Technology moves quickly and so do drivers. For many years a good quality radar detector was used by commuters to avoid paying costly fines…but those days are gone. With the introduction of police laser guns, most radar companies have not been able to keep up. While Beltronics and Escort have kept ahead of the competition with top-rated POP detection technology (the newest radar used by traffic enforcement), stealth mode (undetectable by units that detect if a driver is using a radar detector) and GPS powered filtering, radar detection can only help so much. It's true that most detectors on the market detect laser, but detecting laser usually means, "You just got busted!"

    In order to effectively combat police laser a driver must have the proper equipment - and that starts with an effective laser jammer. Laser gives no advanced warning and has caused many high-end detector owners to become confused as to how they got busted after paying hundreds of dollars for a radar detector. Additionally, many people, including the policy makers at Google Adwords and Ebay, mistakenly believe that laser jammers are illegal because the FCC has banned radar detectors. But don't move too fast on this one because the FCC does not govern laser - the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does. Why? Because laser is light and that is under the scope of the FDA, not the FCC.

    Blinder, the leading laser jammer company in the country, markets the Blinder Xtreme M25 and M45 laser jammers through authorized dealers such as "These units actually keep the police from picking up a speed on your vehicle when they use laser guns," states Joe Wright, Marketing Director for "Once your transceivers pick up the laser signal they send a laser pulse frequency to the built-in computer, which then chooses the jamming pulse and relays it back through the transceivers." Since the Blinder Xtreme actually prevents your speed from being read by traffic enforcement officers, you can avoid paying unnecessary and costly fines that detectors alone cannot prevent. Although the Blinder units are highly effective against laser guns, it is still important to use a high quality radar detector since the Blinder has no radar defense built into it.

    Speeding tickets generate billions of dollars annually but drivers can protect themselves from "donating" to this cause with the newest technology from Blinder. For more information you can view the video of the Blinder Xtreme Laser Jammer in action at You can also contact Radar Stuff at 1-888-737-9614 for additional details. Radar Stuff is an authorized dealer for Blinder Xtreme, Beltronics and Escort Radar and in located in the metro area of Atlanta, Georgia.

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