Dr. Kelly Sennholz has "cracked the code" in America's increasing obesity crisis through the Slimtrimics Wellness Program, according to Dr. Kenneth Newhouse

Top Quote Successful Wellness Physician, Dr. Kelly Sennholz, has done it yet again. Through years of medical experience and research, she has finally introduced one of the most revolutionary and scientific Wellness Programs in America, called Slimtrimics. This program is designed exclusively to be prescribed by Chiropractic Physicians concerned about the health of the entire community. End Quote
  • San Francisco, CA (1888PressRelease) June 22, 2010 - Simi Valley, California According to Dr. Kenneth Newhouse, a leading chiropractic physician in California, "Slimtrimics has cracked the code" and has put together a life changing wellness system designed to halt the obesity crisis in the United States.

    Dr. Newhouse is an experienced chiropractic physician with over 19 years of experience in the industry. Aside from working as an independent chiropractic physician, he also holds numerous seminars annually to speak about effective healthcare leadership and to enlighten fellow Chiropractic Physicians about the newest medical breakthroughs. As a well known and respected physician in his community, many local residents and physicians alike seek advice of achieving physiological wellness.

    Dr. Newhouse provides an insightful perspective about health and wellness through the mind of an experienced chiropractic physician. At a young age, Dr. Newhouse enjoyed working and sharing new ideas with people. He was also very passionate about body building. By combining these two seemingly exclusive passions, he knew that one day he would make a living that would incorporate both in order to benefit the society as a whole.

    Dr. Newhouse's passion for wellness roots back to his own passion for body building and optimal health. He was captivated by individuals who have achieved excellent health internally and externally. He believes that through proper education of health and nutrition, every individual is capable of achieving the ultimate body once thought to only exist in fitness magazines.

    As a successful and a well respected independent chiropractor in his community, Dr. Kenneth Newhouse has learned that it takes prudence and adherence to ethical business practices in order to become a successful professional. Upon hearing about Slimtrimics, he performed some of his own independent research about the Slimtrimics program and the company. He comments,

    "none of them (previous weight loss programs) have been complete. Slimtrimics has designed a system that fills up the vital but missing puzzle pieces for the treatment and the prevention of obesity many other weight loss programs have failed to incorporate."

    He adds,

    "the results from the tests performed by Slimtrimics are 100% reproducible and duplicatable."

    Current weight loss programs are designed to treat people who have already fallen victim to obesity in America. What sets Slimtrimics apart is its capability to reach out to every individual in the United States. Dr. Newhouse and other physicians agree that the current medical approach to obesity is to treat those who are already obese. Slimtrimics is designed not only for patients suffering from obesity, but also for people who are concerned about becoming obese and want to do something about it.

    Dr. Newhouse comments on the frightening reality of obesity in the United States,

    "ten years ago, 10% of the nation was obese. Less than a decade later, there has been an approximate 300% increase in obesity. Leading economists predict that America may become bankrupt as a result of funding for treatment obesity."

    Dr. Newhouse believes that Slimtrimics holds the blueprint in targeting obesity in America.

    He adds,

    "Slimtrimics is a lifestyle and a pioneer when it comes to health and wellness. I am proud to say that I am one of the first few chiropractors to incorporate this program to the community. Slimtrimics is designed for millions of Americans, not just for people struggling with the weight, lack of energy and the unnecessary onset of premature aging, but also for people concerned about the prevention of obesity."

    Slimtrimics maximizes the research and innovations of 21st century medical experiments and thus propels them as the leading authority in the health and wellness arena. Slimtrimics is projected to propel itself as the frontline for weight loss treatment and prevention. Chiropractic physicians, such as Dr. Newhouse, agree that Slimtrimics benefits local communities and ultimately the United States as whole.

    About Symtrimics/Slimtrimics:

    Slimtrimics™ provides an integrated wellness and a sophisticated clinic-marketing platform. It consists of three unique Slimtrimic programs that work together in helping patients achieve a healthy life. The programs focus on the life-long adoption of habits that have been proven overtime to improve health, lengthen life, secure weight loss, slow aging and prevent disease.

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