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  • Pantelis Donakis
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  • DonakisWind, based in Florina, Greece, was founded by inventor Pantelis Donakis. Mr. Donakis holds two Academic degrees in economic science and has filled several patents and innovations in the field of green energy.
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  • DonakisWind Launches A Groundbreaking Wind Turbine Innovation and Turns to Popular Crowdfunding
  • DonakisWind, a pioneer in green energy, launches a break-through wind turbine innovation, Alexander the Great. It is a new wind generator propeller trademark that will disrupt the market. In order to support its development, DonakisWind turns to popular crowdfunding to raise funds.
  • Florina, Greece - DonakisWind, founded by inventor Pantelis Donakis, is pleased to announce the launch of its groundbreaking wind turbine innovation a ...
  • May 13, 2015