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  • We started DNA Testing Services in Bihar
  • DNA forensics laboratory private limited has come up with a collection center in Bihar. As per your wish, the sample can also be collected from home. DNA Tests in Bihar has gained popularity since it gives accurate results and solves many unanswered questions.
  • DNA testing plays a significant role in the case of murder, rape, paternity /maternity disputes and also in cases of baby exchange. DNA test is also p ...
  • August 22, 2018
  • Now DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt Ltd has launched New Collection Center in Maharashtra
  • After Grand success and great respond and feedback form Punjab, Uttatr Pradesh , Delhi. Now DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt Ltd has launched DNA Sample Collection Center and DNA test Center in Maharashtra.
  • We after great response at various centers spread across India have added another achievement by opening up a DNA collection center in Maharashtra. It ...
  • January 09, 2018
  • DNA Forensics Laboratory Creating another Milestone
  • DNA Forensics Laboratory Creating another Milestone. Opening New DNA Research Center in Punjab.
  • Regarding the importance of DNA testing to solve the problem of the client, and in the context of document verification, employee verification and oth ...
  • January 21, 2017