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  • Social Anxiety Addresses The Reasons Why You Are Struggling, Who Our Enemies And Allies Are. Using A Re-discovered Secret Consisting Of 2 Simple Secrets To Beat Social Anxiety. Start Overcoming Social Anxiety With "Starting Blocks" And Continue With The Workbook.
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  • "Social Anxiety - Starting Blocks" Published; Can Religion/Spirituality Give Real Hope To People With This Mental Illness
  • A Review Article1 shows that treatment using Religion/Spirituality has a very positive result reducing anxiety. The success rate varies from 49% to as high as 78%, whereas the most popular cognitive therapy is not nearly as effective. There is a gap between the psychiatrist and patient views on the use of Religion/Spirituality that can cause a delay in recovery.
  • Randburg, South Africa - With the eBook "STARTING BLOCKS - From Bloodsucking Emotional Vampires To Help From The Unseen Realm", Dirk Le Roux urges peo ...
  • March 23, 2016