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Dimension144 Information
  • Tony Hulse
  • Phone: 6468061464
  • URL: https://www.dimension144.com
  • Dimension144.com serves multiple purposes. Beyond the obvious goal of attracting and keeping visitors, the design of this platform is a demonstration of the creative services provided by Tony Hulse, the designer and mind of DIMENSION144. The creative services available for marketing and promotion purposes are offered in various packages including stand-alone services and inclusion into the expanding DIMENSION144 universe. The design allows viewers to explore every facet, advertisement, product, person, object, building, room, and so on for every reality they enter.
Dimension144 Press Release -


  • Dimension144.com Launches the World’s First Open World Website Platform
  • Dimension144.com launches a new platform that brings visitors through a truly immersive experience with different versions and variations of reality from a multi-faceted, interactive platform that bridges the gap between connectivity and creativity.
  • Announced Today.
    Dimension144.com unveils the first and only open world website designed to create an augmented reality that challenges the cu ...
  • April 15, 2019