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  • New AI service for flatfoot detection
  • Radiologists in Moscow can use artificial intelligence to recognize symptoms of flat feet. It allows doctors to save time by describing the norm and test results. Thanks to the increasing of the abilities of digital services, smart algorithms help in the search for diseases in eleven different field.
  • Neural networks identify the symptoms of flatfoot on x-rays in Moscow hospitals. Thus, intelligent algorithms help in finding pathologies in 11 diffe ...
  • July 19, 2022
  • Neural networks have processed more than six million radiation imagines in Moscow medical institutions
  • During the Experiment the Neural networks have processed more than six million radiation imagines. Moscow's hospitals started using AI-based vision in 2020. Computer-aided vision was used to diagnose pneumonia and assess the degree of lung damage, then the number of directions was expanded.
  • The Neural networks have been helping Moscow radiologists analyze X-ray images for over two years now. Artificial intelligence services have already ...
  • July 06, 2022