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  • Deepak Jha
  • Dharmaj Technologies, Plot Number - 121, Tas Ni Wadi Near Dharmaj Circle , A K Road, Surat - Gujarat, India.
  • Phone: 8128831174
  • URL: https://www.dharmaj.in
  • Dharmaj Technologies develops & manufactures the essential technologies entailed for key stages of diamond processing; covering all aspects of Diamond Pre-Polishing. Dharmaj Technologies has been utilizing the latest technological advances to enhance its capabilities in all diamond processing technologies it offers. The infrastructure ensures the production of superior quality equipment with added value. Our commitment goes well beyond designing, manufacturing and installing products- We support our customers as a partner.

    Keeping pace with time and technology, we strive to offer our customers hi-tech machinery and the latest equipment that assist them to enhance their production capability
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  • Dharmaj Technologies Celebrated Beginning of the 10th Year
  • Dharmaj Technologies celebrated the completion of its 9th anniversary with the founder, partners and the whole staff of Dharmaj Technologies. The event was celebrated where founder and colleagues gave their thoughts and ideas on how to contribute Diamond industry to achieve their goals.
  • Dharmaj was established in February 2012 by Mr. Prakash Rakholia founder of Dharmaj Technologies, which is the foremost organization involved in manuf ...
  • February 23, 2021