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  • De fuego is an energetic instrumental flamenco and rumba-based music duo made up of guitarists Edina Balczo and Marc Rodriguez Alvarez. The Spanish guitar musicians offer the marketplace for an upbeat sound imbued with passionate percussive guitar techniques. Quickly becoming a hit at UK music festivals, De fuego completed a European tour in 2014. De fuego has one album in wide release entitled "Bluebird".
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  • Spanish Guitar Duo De Fuego Raises Funds on Kickstarter for Newest Album "Davide"
  • De fuego launches crowdfunding project on Kickstarter to raise money to produce their second album entitled, "Davide". The album will be a loving homage to the late instrumentalist and original De fuego guitarist, Davide Lufrano Chaves.
  • London, UK - Hoping to bring a new album to their fan base in Europe and abroad, the Spanish guitar duo De fuego enjoys astounding crowdfunding suppor ...
  • January 09, 2015