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Daes Group Information
  • Ana Dos Santos
  • 6601 Lyons Road Suite A5/A6
  • Phone: 9549984605
  • URL: http://www.daesgroup.com/
  • About DAES Group, the DAES Group of Companies is a premier global service that supports aerospace manufactures and commercial, military, and MRO operations; providing turnkey solutions, centric support, and proactive service. Since its foundation, in 1994, the group goal is to be the one-stop support%u2019 for the aerospace industry worldwide. The group is formed by five companies DAES Consulting, DAES Distribution, DAES Logistics, DAES Representations, and DAES Services. For more information on our products and services please visit www.daesgroup.com or write to marketing@daesdistribution.com.
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