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  • Cua Luoi
  • 28A Ph%u1EA1m Hùng, Nam T%u1EEB Liêm
  • Phone: 0987101626
  • URL:
  • C%u1EECA L%u01AF%u1EDAI CH%u1ED0NG MU%u1ED6I H̉A PHÁT {0942 805 688} Chuyên phân ph%u1ED1i, l%u1EAFp %u0111%u1EB7t c%u1EEDa l%u01B0%u1EDBi ch%u1ED1ng mu%u1ED7i, c%u1EEDa x%u1EBFp ch%u1ED1ng mu%u1ED7i, c%u1EEDa cu%u1ED1n ch%u1ED1ng mu%u1ED7i, c%u1EEDa l%u01B0%u1EDBi inox 304, l%u01B0%u1EDBi ch%u1ED1ng côn trùng uy tín, chuyên nghi%u1EC7p
    VPGD: S%u1ED1 28A Ph%u1EA1m Hùng, Nam T%u1EEB Liêm, Hà N%u1ED9i
    Tel: 0248587 6668 / Phone: 0977 867 876 - 0942 805 688
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  • The most effective way to make your house mosquito proof is by installing mosquito screens to your doors and windows. By carefully designing the mosquito screens you can keep an attractive appearance on your house. Many villas and apartments in Hanoi and Saigon have installed our custom made high quality mosquito screens.
  • HOA PHAT is a leading manufacturer and fabricator in the segment of Insect screens and Sunscreen blinds in Vietnam, we provide service with different ...
  • March 25, 2020