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  • Countdown Games is an escape game center which requires a player to escape from a room and imprisonment by using their surroundings. In short it is a game in which a player is locked-up in a room from which he has to flee as soon as possible by using the objects to interact with other items in the room and reveal a way to escape. Escape games are a very great way for a team to make them bond and work together as one, with adventure and excitement of course; going out from the office and doing team building getaways is a perfect idea for a company to strengthen their people towards success.
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  • WKYT Go to Countdown Games Time Bomb
  • Countdown Games recently had a visitor - WKYT. WKYT is a commercial television station in Kentucky that gives information and entertainment to viewers with high quality news and reports.
  • Lexington Kentucky - ( WKYT made an interview with the staff of Countdown Games in Lexington about the newest escape game ...
  • November 29, 2016
  • Countdown Games A Countdown to Escape Games
  • Introducing A New Way To Have Fun! Countdown Games! Countdown Games is proud to announce that their website will launch soon! Now you can know more what Countdown Games is all about through the website. Countdown Games is also happy to introduce an amazing way to have fun and excitement for everyone! Countdown Games is here to test your skills, the way you think under pressure.
  • Introducing A New Way To Have Fun! Countdown Games! ( Countdown Games is a brilliant way of activity for tea ...
  • June 29, 2016