Costa Rica Ranked #1 Country for Real Estate Investing in 2013

Top Quote Costa Rica still has the hottest real estate market and has been ranked as the Best Country for Real Estate Investments in 2013 citing Samara Beach, Costa Rica as one of the top 3 places to invest in Costa Rica. End Quote
    QuoteCosta Rica is Still the Hottest Real Estate Market on the Planet. Ranks #1 in 2013 by International Real Estate Investments Magazine.Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) November 20, 2012 - International Real Estate Investments Magazine has ranked Costa Rica as the "Best Country for Real Estate Investing in 2013." Costa Rica's government was a pioneer in planting the seeds to set the highest bar for safety and promotion of tourism 20 years ago. Fast forward 20 years to the present date where the Costa Rican government has achieved to appease their citizens as the country has been titled "The Happiest Country" in the world year after year by the HPI or Happy Planet Index.

    Sarah Roberts, a Public Relations executive with International Real Estate Investments Magazine stated in a recent interview that "The northern hemisphere of the world has become a global liability. We all know that there is constant duress with Israel and the Middle East predominantly backed by the United States and their foreign policies between fighting for special interests and attaining leverage within the oil wars. Then enter Europe's macroeconomic market that is still trying to balance itself against a debt crisis with Greece. All the while there is a threat of a war with Iran which could have a catastrophic impact on the entire northern hemisphere of the world if there is a worst-case-scenario.

    Though millions of people never think about the worst-case-scenario with Iran there is no doubt that the economies of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and America would be negatively affected. Real estate values for countries in the northern hemisphere are not safeguarded against the worst- case-scenario. There is no home or commercial insurance policy that insures property against Dooms Day. Costa Rica, Australia and other real estate markets in the Southern hemisphere of the world offer a comparative advantage hedged against "fall out" global real estate markets such as the United States or the United Kingdom. The stability of real estate markets found in the southern hemisphere of the world carry no fall out or repercussion contrast to a Dooms Day scenario. This is one of the reasons why private real estate investors and sovereign nations such as China have been quietly yet heavily investing in Costa Rica for the past 6 years."

    Between 1995 - 2005, Costa Rica had experienced an aggregation trajectory of unprecedented growth and development within the following sectors: Real Estate, Commercial-Industrial, Health-Care and Tourism. Real estate investors who had purchased ocean view luxury homes within the region of Puntarenas circa 1998 for $300,000 USD had seen as much as 900% Return On Investment by 2005.

    In 2008, a world renowned multi-billionaire entertainer invested $30 Million in Samara Beach, Costa Rica, a family oriented beach town on the west coast of Costa Rica. Due in part to the publicity of the celebrity purchase, real estate development in Samara Beach has flourished attracting retirees, vacation home buyers and investors. Mel Stevenson, is a Sr. Project Manager of one of Samara's most reputable developments called "Montana Samara" which broke ground in 2004. In an exclusive interview with International Real Estate Investments Magazine, Mr. Stevenson was quoted saying "Samara Beach is one of Costa Rica's best regions to visit for a vacation or for tourism, for sure. In 2012, TripAdvisor.Com ranked Samara Beach as one of the top 3 beaches in Costa Rica. But, what does that mean?

    It also means that Samara Beach is one of the top 3 places to invest in Costa Rica that will secure a very generous return. Many multi-million dollar pre-construction developments did not survive 2008 because they were in a bad location. Montana Samara Estates not only survived but we made sales in 2008 and 2009 at a time when the mass population of investors were too afraid to invest. People who visit Samara quickly see the vast opportunity here, and can't help but notice the growing luxury market in Costa Rica. China is investing big into Costa Rica. People have no idea what's going on with China and Costa Rica. Real estate in Samara is on the rise and if China keeps buying Costa Rica bonds and land, I know Samara won't have too much time left to find high margin returns in the arena of real estate investment opportunities! But the main reason people invest in Costa Rica time and time again is due to no taxation on capital gains."

    As politics and sovereign nations within the northern hemisphere of the world keep contemplating to go to war without thinking of the repercussions on an aggregate-global level, the fallout of such an inertia of direction would not only paralyze economies, it will automatically devaluate real estate markets across Europe, the United States, and other regions within the northern hemisphere of our world.

    The "Most Happy Country" has been in the news quite often in the past 10 years and relatively with nothing but positive news such as:

    + Costa Rica has no (real estate) capital gains tax which provides a tax haven
    comparative to all other countries that impose a capital gains tax.

    + Costa Rica raises the bar for safety and tourism and lowers the barriers to invest into
    the country, ultimately providing more incentives than any other country for foreign

    + Costa Rica is home to several Fortune 500 companies with more moving to Costa Rica
    year after year.

    + The health care system with Costa Rica's private, top ranking hospital group, CIMA,
    has been ranked by the World Health Organization higher than the United States for
    value of quality care relative to price.

    + Costa Rica's literacy rate is the highest in Central America.
    International Real Estate Investments Magazine attributes a long history of positive media and no capital gains tax as key attributes to award Costa Rica as the #1 country to invest in 2013.

    Montana Samara Estates Official Web Site: www.SamaraBeachOceanView.Com

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