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  • Don Lindsey
  • 1275 Bailey Hill Road, 1275 Bailey Hill Road
  • Phone: 5413358027
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  • Conveyor Application Systems (CASŪ), based in Eugene, Oregon, is an innovative company specializing in a variety of conveyored equipment solutions for the hauling, handling, and distribution of materials. From off-road, unmanned/remote-controlled Slinger equipment to 80,000 lb. on-road Slinger trucks. CASŪ is the leading manufacturer of conveyed material handling & distribution solutions in North America and is the only Slinger manufacturer located in these United States of America. In addition to a full line of equipment offerings, CASŪ welcomes the opportunity to discuss specialty application/projects.
Conveyor Application Systems Press Release -

  • The First Of The CAS(R) Off-Road AT7 Tier 4 Slingers Are Rolling Off The Assembly Line
  • Eugene, OR, Conveyor Application Systems ( is pleased to announce that the tier 4 engine conversion is complete and the first of the new AT7 Tier 4 Slingers are rolling off the assembly line.
  • The highly successful CASŪ AT7 boasts a powerful CATŪ Tier 4 engine, which generates well over 200 horsepower. Widely known as the first unmanned, off ...
  • March 05, 2018