Confessions of an ADDiva-Midlife in the Non-linear Lane author Linda Roggli honored during awards reception June 5, 2012

Top Quote Frank, fast and funny, the first book about ADHD women diagnosed at age 40 or better, Confessions of an ADDiva-Midlife in the Non-linear Lane (2011 Passionate Possibility Press) has won First Prize for Women's Issues in the prestigious Next Generation Indie Book Awards®, the "Sundance" of independent book awards. End Quote
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  • (1888PressRelease) June 07, 2012 - Durham, NC - Author Linda Roggli was honored with a gold medal during the awards reception at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan on June 5, 2012.

    Ms. Roggli, founder of the ADDiva Network for women with ADHD, an ADHD coach and a certifiable A-D-Diva herself, wrote the book to offer reassurance and support for women diagnosed with ADHD at midlife and beyond.

    "Initially, discovering that you have ADHD after age 40 is a relief. You finally know why you are late to every meeting and why you need deadlines to finish projects," said Ms. Roggli. "But almost immediately, sadness, regret and anger set in: if you had known this years ago, you would have been able to earn that masters degree or kept that management job. Many women with ADHD secretly feel like failures because they have been unable to maintain focus on their goals."

    Traits of ADHD women:

    • Often late to appointments
    • Forgetful (where are the car keys?)
    • Starts lots of projects, finish only a few
    • "I have to do it my way"
    • Over controlling of self, others, events
    • Easily frustrated, quick trigger to anger
    • Constantly reorganizing but piles still get higher
    • Makes simple task complex
    • Constant sense of being "swamped"
    • Difficulty with spatial tasks - puzzles
    • Illegible handwriting
    • Sensitive to tags in clothes, bright light or loud noise
    • Often feels like a fraud, hides authentic self
    • Privately, a profound sense of failure

    In Confessions of an ADDiva-Midlife in the Non-linear Lane, written in ADHD-friendly style with extra white space and pictures to hold the sporadic attention of A-D-Divas, Ms. Roggli combines often hilarious, sometimes poignant A-D-Diva vignettes from her own life with simple explanations of the complexities of the disorder.

    Readers are introduced to Nora Penne Ephron (norepinephrine), Sarah Tonin (serotonin) and Dope A. Mean (dopamine), three neurotransmitters that play important roles in understanding the ADHD brain. Ms. Roggli explains the relation between female hormones and ADHD (less estrogen means more brain fog).

    "I am thrilled that Next Generation Indie Book Awards has chosen a book about ADHD women as the 2012 first prize winner in the Women's Issues category," said Ms. Roggli. "It validates the growing importance of women with ADHD who are often overlooked when diagnosing ADHD. And I am delighted that Confessions tickled the fancy of the judges; it was fun to write and it is fun to read."

    Confessions of an ADDiva-Midlife in the Non-linear Lane is available on in print or Kindle format, on the Barnes and Noble website in Nook format, and as an audio book at

    The ADDiva Network, founded in 2007 by Ms. Roggli, is comprised of several thousand ADHD women who were diagnosed in later life. They share life stories, support and education at and

    The Next Generation Indie Book Awards® is the largest not-for-profit book awards program open to independent publishers, including small presses, mid-size independent publishers, university presses, e-book publishers and self-published authors.

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