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  • Cutting Edge, Personalized Medicine. Columbia Allergy specializes in all modes of comprehensive allergy testing and clinically proven methods of allergy treatment, including sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), intralymphatic immunotherapy (ILIT), subcutaneous immunotherapy (allergy shots) and patch desensitization. Columbia Allergy has 16 offices in northern California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho.  For more information and/or to schedule an in-person or video consultation, please visit 
Columbia Allergy Press Release -

  • Columbia Allergy Unveils New Oral ImmunotherapyClinic in Redwood City
  • Dr. Sanjeev Jain and team of expert allergists and immunologists expand the Bay Area's access to oral immunotherapy.
  • Columbia Allergy, the nation's leading network of renowned allergists and immunologists specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of environmental a ...
  • October 10, 2020