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  • George Prugar
  • Phone: 613-547-9132
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  • We are a Canadian company involved in promotion and marketing of Natural Collagen products in gel, capsules and powder which are the latest and the most advance generation of natural, pure and biologically active products on the World's market today!
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  • Collagen + Algae + Vitamin E = “Colvita” No Diet Supplements Possessing These Properties Existed Yet. This Is The First Ones!
  • Imagine that a tiny portion of lyophilizate, weighing very little, can provide a soldier, Himalayan climber or even an astronaut, sportspeople (mostly in the muscle tissue building phase), hard working people, convalescents, people allergic to animal protein with a protein full value for many days. Imagine what it can do for your skin, hair, nails the whole body. Imagine what it can do for you!.
  • For years scientists have searched for a miracle panacea to increase production of collagen in human’s body. In the early 90’s researchers discovered ...
  • August 22, 2007