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  • COIRI provides benefit surveys, compensation data, employee and executive surveys to manage employee benefits and compensation in Canada. Every year COIRI publishes large-scale wage, employee compensation surveys and benefits surveys in Canada. COIRI%u2019s annual survey of salary surveys in Canada provides extensive coverage of over 100 salaried positions.
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  • COIRI Completed 65 Years in Business
  • COIRI, The Most Reputable Provider of Benefits Surveys Canada have been in the business for years now. Established in 1943, they are the first organization in Canada that compile and publish benefits, wage, and salary compensation surveys. They also continue to publish the Annual Survey of Salaried Employees as well as the Annual Survey of Hourly-Paid Employees throughout Ontario. All the confusions and other hassles can be avoided because they are the company to go for.
  • Timely, accurate, and error-free data in the area of employee compensation and benefits play a vital role in companies from different sectors. With th ...
  • May 24, 2018
  • The 74th Annual Employee Compensation & Salary Surveys Reports of Canada by COIRI! Grab your copy now
  • Coiri is the oldest and renowned comprehensive reporting services provider in the area of employee benefits and compensation in Canada and have published their 2016 survey reports. They provide survey reports of benefits surveys, salary surveys, employee compensation surveys, executive compensation surveys, etc of canada.
  • COIRI, an Ontario based compensations publications company has published its 74th Annual Survey of Hourly-Paid Employees in Ontario and the Annual Sur ...
  • January 26, 2017