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  • James Ander
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  • The story has been crafted over the course of 15 years and has now taken the form of a webcomic for you all to enjoy. It is hand drawn and digitally inked and colored by two art teams constantly battling for the power of the page. They are the Mixxfits! and H.M.T. Studios. Fortunate for the likes of me that they may travel to and from my Ruptured Study where I pen what I've seen and they can craft their ill visuals.
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  • Rave Culture Based Comic Series Now live on Patreon
  • New comic book "Codename Rave" is coming on patreon to highlight rave culture.There is currently no comic book that was crafted specifically to highlight rave culture and its stories.But i'm pretty sure the readers will enjoy this beutifully crafted comic.
  • Are you a comic lover?Wanna read some different and interesting comic story based on rave culture?

    The Broken Flow, penned this intere ...
  • September 15, 2015