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Cocowalk Information
  • M. Peggy Quattro
  • 3015 Grand Ave
  • Phone: 305-444-0777
  • URL:
  • CocoWalk, the premier lifestyle & entertainment center in the heart of the Grove, features unique boutiques, casual dining, hot entertainment, and a cool Courtyard. Home to Paragon Grove 13 movie theaters, The Cheesecake Factory, GAP, Victoria%u2019s Secret, Chili%u2019s, Fat Tuesday, & more!
Cocowalk Press Release -

  • CocoWalk Presents Gypsy Heart in Concert
  • CocoWalk will catch Gypsy fire when GYPSY HEART takes the CocoWalk Courtyard. The highly-acclaimed guitar trio, led by virtuoso Gyorgy Lakatos, perform in the powerful tradition of the Gipsy Kings. Their cultural musical blend of Spanish, Gypsy, Mediterranean, and Pop will leave you in a Gypsy trance.
  • CocoWalk will be set on Gypsy fire when highly-acclaimed Gypsy Heart featuring Gyorgy Lakatos deliver a high energy performance on Saturday, May 19, f ...
  • May 19, 2012