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  • Neuf Octobre
  • villa les colibris, MONTPELLIER France
  • Phone: 0630241124
  • URL:
  • Pu Panda Game Developed By Clement Vitroly. He developed this app for kids & all age groups peoples they love with panda. This game is a free virtual game created by a small independent developer, a game that caters to small and big, girls and boys and that I hope you will enjoy.
Clement Vitroly Press Release -

  • Enjoy the best pet caring game with the panda and develop your brain with the interesting game
  • There are many of the games which all play. But the game which also helps in the mental growth is what a useful and helpful game is. There are many of the features and qualities if a best game which also enhances the brain development. Almost all the people loves playing games.
  • There are many types of games played all over the world. But the most liked games by the children are the games in the mobiles, computers and I pads. ...
  • August 18, 2017
  • My Panda- Panda baby raising game available on iOS & Google Play Store
  • Pu is a cute little panda who loves to eat, have fun and take selfies. He expects you to feed him, dress him, clean him and take care of him.
  • Designed with the sole intention of giving you an adorable virtual pet to take care of, PU is a game that is meant to keep you entertained for hours! ...
  • August 03, 2017