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  • CIT Global is an international provider of high quality, innovative eCommerce / mCommerce solutions and services.
    Our extensive suite of solutions and services enables us to lead our clients into the next generation of multi-channel fully secured eCommerce systems.
    By applying CIT Global's dedicated centers of excellence and its specialized leading products, in addition to the "best of breed" technologies from its strategic partners, CIT Global is delivering innovative and award winning solutions to our clients in more than 25 countries worldwide.
    Our client list includes leading institutions from North America, Europe and the Middle East.
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  • MOBiDIV Reveals the Smart Deployment Agent (SDA) Minimizing Go-to-Market for Smartphone Vendors
  • The "Agent" technology is a pioneer concept where it eliminates imposed delay in regional Smartphone releases, and guarantees zero delay in Go-to-Market time by running both production and deployment in parallel.
  • Toronto, Hong Kong, Dubai - Regional mobile consumers can simply select the software they need on the device at a specific time and install it in one ...
  • July 09, 2010