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  • ChemImage Corporation, a leader in Hyperspectral Imaging technology (including Chemical and Molecular Imaging), provides instrumentation, software, contract services and expert consulting to government, industrial and academic organizations. The company%u2019s proprietary, state-of-the-art Hyperspectral Imaging technology has many applications, including defense, security, pharmaceuticals, forensics and biomedical diagnostic research, which can reveal critical chemical and biological information from a variety of material systems.

    ChemImage%u2019s headquarters is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where it houses research and development laboratories, as well as engineering and manufacturing facilities.
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  • ChemImage Issued Patent for Diagnosis of Kidney Cancer
  • ChemImage's 106th patent acknowledges Raman Molecular Imaging (RMI) as a way to assess similar-looking tissue samples in the diagnosing of renal disease tissue.
  • Scientists at ChemImage Corporation are one step closer to making objective diagnoses of renal disease tissue a reality today with the issuance of pat ...
  • July 18, 2010