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  • (1888PressRelease) February 23, 2017 - For the last 100 years or so, people have chosen their lawyers the very same way - they ask their friends and family for recommendations. Unfortunately, because lawyers are so bad at online marketing, people have found it difficult to rely on a referral database of Google search.

    Online surveys and offline benchmark surveys often give different results for the simple reason that those who generally respond to an online survey are people who are comfortable with the internet, have more experience with it and can navigate it with ease. 'Respondents of online surveys are therefore considered as the ideal potential client for online marketing', says Chad Lieber.

    According to research carried out by Forester Research Inc., consumers have more faith in content they select on the internet vs. content that is sold to them via push communications. When asked the question "To what extent do you trust each of the following types of advertising/promotions?" 70% of the over 57,000 American respondents said that they trusted recommendations given by friends and family the most.

    Other categories for which this question was asked included written online reviews by professionals, online reviews by fellow consumers, search engine results by Google and other search engines and information on the brand website or company website. All this content is self-selected. It is content that they have actively searched for and pulled off the internet. This was the content that ranked highest in terms of trust.

    Sponsored content on search engines, emails from the various brands and companies, social media posts on the brand or company, information on the company or brand sent via apps, website ads and text messages about the brand were on the lower end of the trust scale. In fact, push content such as the website ads and text messaging received the worst feedback.

    Is that to say that online marketing should be ignored altogether? "Not at all," says Chad Lieber. "Most lawyers do a poor job of it and don't get to enjoy the benefits." According to Mr. Lieber, you can use the internet to create relationships, nurture them and solidify them as well. In order to successfully use the Internet to your advantage, you need to understand how online marketing works.

    Social media and blogs allow the lawyer to display his or her expertise and to therefore build relationships. Because this information is not considered advertising, it is therefore more trustworthy in the eyes of potential clients. In the past, and even now, lawyers have sold themselves by displaying their expertise as conference speakers, social groups, writing papers and articles and more. Today, they do the same with social media and blogs except that the pace is faster.

    Lawyers should work on building relationships online and understand that it will take time. The sell, sell, sell approach is lame and leads to even more distrust. You can't force a person to be in a relationship with you, you just have to take it one day at a time until they gain trust. Lawyers should give up the aggressive tweeting and Google AdWords campaigns backed by nothing. Get online and do it right instead by having conversations with people. It works better.

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