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  • Mark Barnett
  • URL: http://www.cetech.com.au
  • Cetech Pty Ltd is a premium private cloud provider based in Sydney Australia. Cetech has been working in ASP and cloud for the last 15 years and provides virtualisation solutions for both applications and network services
Cetech Pty Ltd Press Release -


  • Australian Cloud Service Provider CeTech Pty Ltd Sees Perfect Storm as Online Shopping Explodes
  • Cetech Australia has observed a huge amount of activity generated in the server load and application delivery space due to the explosion of online sales; this is particularly visible with the new clickfrenzy online shopping promotion.
  • Online group buying and coupon based businesses bring together heavily promoted short term sales which push the boundaries of technology efficiencies, ...
  • November 19, 2012
  • Australian Based Cloud Services Provider CeTech Pty Ltd Moves Cloud Offering Closer To The Ground
  • CeTech Pty Ltd Australia has launched a Network Access Aackage (NAP) that uses Network as a service (NaaS) to compliment its already best of breed Software as a service (Saas) product suite to incorporate more functionality into its turnkey Cloud products.
  • Cetech has developed traditional Cloud services offerings which now growing organically with robust process and procedure coping with day to day opera ...
  • October 19, 2012