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  • Robert Matanane
  • URL: http://www.centrealtech.com
  • About CentRealTech, Inc.:

    CentRealTech, Inc. is a recently formed and privately held software/technology company located in El Dorado Hills, CA. It specializes in products and services for the title insurance industry and its real estate and lender customers. Every member of the Executive Team has extensive experience in information technology, software and system development, and/or title insurance underwriting. Their collective skills distinctively qualify them to develop software systems and provide services, which are meaningful, efficient, and user friendly for their unique customers. For more information about CentRealTech, Inc. visit their website at http://www.centrealtech.com or contact them at info@centrealtech.com to obtain brochures or schedule a no-obligation demonstration.


    Robert Matanane, President

    Dave Hall, Title Specialist/Director of Marketing
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