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  • Thomas James
  • URL: http://www.celebrationmessages.com
  • Giving people who can't come to your special event the chance to be heard. Great for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation - basically ANY form of celebration. If someone can't fly in from overseas or has some other reason why they can't come the the party organiser can get those people to ring a low-cost phone line and leave a personal message. These are edited together and presented in time for the big event
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  • Celebration Messages moves into the Wedding message market
  • Imagine the Bride & Grooms faces' when they hear the voices of people they were sure couldn't come to their big day booming out at the reception. All down to Celebration Messages and some clever editing.
  • Give the Bride the surprise of her life with Celebration Messages. Celebration Messages is now offering its services to the Wedding market to make sur ...
  • June 25, 2009