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  • CD Genomics is committed to providing novel NGS services enabling researchers to explore structure and function of microbial community in a high-resolution and culture-independent manner using technology from Illumina and PacBio. In addition, we also offer the service to sequence the genome of the individual cultured bacteria, fungi, phage or virus, whether do novo or re-sequencing.
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  • Profiling Human Breast Epithelial Cells Using Single Cell RNA Sequencing Identifies Cell Diversity
  • Breast cancer arises from the breast epithelium. Breast cancer arises from genetic variation of breast epithelial cells. Genetic changes cause cancer cells of the breast tissue to produce canceration. Understanding the early origin of breast cancer has the potential to be transformed into an early diagnosis method for cancer, and to build a first line of defense against cancer before the disease.
  • Researchers at the UC Irvine Medical School, in collaboration with scientists at the UC San Francisco and Northwestern University, dissected human bre ...
  • January 29, 2019