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  • Therefore a fast, accurate and easy to use tool now exists that allows measurement of wounds in any environment, whether it is utilized as a screening tool in a busy general medicine practice, a predictive aid in wound assessment in home health or a skilled nursing facility or a time saver to staff in a wound care clinic. This, coupled with our interactive front-end that provides voice, text and email interaction between users, brings a state of the art patient encounter tool for wound care management. CarePICS, LLC will be demonstrating this breakthrough technology at the upcoming SAWC meeting in Atlanta, Georgia in April. We encourage all attendees to attend a hands-on demonstration of all
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  • CarePICS, LLC Announces New Measurement Tool to Augment Their Remote Clinical Imagery System
  • CarePICS, LLC, with headquarters located in Raleigh, NC, is pleased to announce the introduction of a revolutionary new auto-measurement planimetry tool designed to be the next generation in wound assessment technology.
  • Raleigh, NC - CarePICS' CTO, Terry Williams, described the technology as "a fusion between best clinical practices and new evolving software edge dete ...
  • January 08, 2016