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  • Mike Turner
  • 1505-44 Charles Street, Toronto, ON ,M4Y 1R7
  • Phone: 1-647-724-1755
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  • Carbon Solutions Ltd. is a carbon emission trading company with experience in international markets dedicated to addressing climate change and global warming by ensuring businesses have a profitable and sustainable way of making the changes needed to combat this problem. We are a reliable and proficient player in the environmental commodity world and operate in the global carbon trading, energy and renewable energy markets.
Carbon Solutions Ltd Press Release -

  • Carbon Solutions Ltd. foresees double Carbon Trading in North America
  • Carbon Solutions Ltd. can also see that 24 metric tons of allowances will be distributed by WCI in California and Quebec later this year for 2013 use.
  • With the inauguration of carbon markets in California and Quebec, Carbon Solutions Ltd. foresees that carbon trading in North America will double this ...
  • February 09, 2012
  • Carbon Solutions Ltd. Reviews the Carbon Program in Guangdong
  • According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, a program in Guangdong province of China to stop the increase of greenhouse gas emission.
  • China is considered the most populous and largest emitter of carbon. The country is testing emissions-trading programs after the output of worldwide g ...
  • February 07, 2012