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  • Dr. Hari Krishna is a renowned physician who have been in the field of cancer treatment for the last 32 years giving away excellent results in all types of cancer at all stages. He has been to Damascus (Syria) and Sao Paolo (South Africa) in international conferences on cancer treatment as a part of Indian delegate appointed by Govt. of India. He has gained great fame and reputation in cancer treatment and has also taken part in conferences all across the world.
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  • Diagnosing Cancer And Curing Patients In Cancer Treatment Centre
  • People have started to believe in the powers of homeopathy for curing cancers. A surge is seen in the number of homeopathy based Cancer treatment centers everywhere in the world. Patients visit these places for diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
  • Cancer treatment center is a place where people can be diagnosed of cancer and possible remedies are recommended. There are many such centres in India ...
  • July 15, 2010