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  • The Royal Rumpus and the March of the Pink Hats, a sardonic, scintillating picture book.
    At the core of The Royal Rumpus is the struggle between an egocentric and myopic Rumpus who unwittingly thinks he was won ultimate control in a democratic land, and a group of women who knit up a plan of resistance.
    No amount of tweets can stop the growing resistance. Americans have cut their teeth on protest, and they are not about to stop now.

    Available on Amazon.
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  • The Royal Rumpus Makes His Debut
  • A sardonic, scintillating picture book that takes the Royal Rumpus, (thinly veiled as you know who) to task. Never underestimate the power of women especially when they know how to knit and crochet!
  • Asbury, New Jersey - Asbury--Respected author, teacher, and life coach helps support Women's Movement with new satirical picture book.

  • April 18, 2017