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Busby Metals, Inc Information
  • Robert Dupuis
  • 850 Freeport Pkwy #400 Coppell, TX 75019 USA
  • Phone: 8005528729
  • URL: https://busbymetals.com/busby-metals-global-provider-high-performance-copper-beryllium-c17200alloy-rod-bar-tube-plate/
  • Busby Metals, Inc., is a High Performance Copper Alloy Supplier
    located in New York, USA, with more than 200 years of experience. We offer a
    full line Copper Alloys for aerospace, oil and gas, for a variety of industries.
    Our customers receive not only a large variety of inventory, but also engineering
    support on alloys such as C63000, C63020, Toughmet 3®, and Copper Beryllium.
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  • Busby Metals Made Another Grand Appearance At The 2019 Offshore Technologies Conference
  • Busby Metals is one of the world’s leaders in specialty alloy production, and regularly makes appearances at trade shows – including the recent 2019 Offshore Technologies Conference. Their recent showing made a big splash, and undoubtedly helped spread the word about their excellent line of high-quality, reliably sourced metals.
  • The Offshore Technologies Conference, held in Houston, TX, is among the largest trade show organizations in the world specifically targeting the oil & ...
  • May 28, 2019