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Bulkypix Information
  • Thomas Nicolet
  • 23 Avenue Louis Bréguet VELIZY VILLACOUBLAY - France
  • URL: http://www.bulkypix.com/
  • Bulkypix is publishing and developing games and applications for iPhone and iPod Touch. The company was set up by former employees of Vivendi Games Mobile in 2008. Bulkypix%u2019s ambition is to create innovative games, such as Hysteria Project (won the French %u201CRevelation 2009 Milthon Award, My Brute based on the famous PC Brand, BaDaBoo a simple and addictive casual games downloaded more than 650 000 times or Daily Quizz with 5 questions per day to learn and entertain you every day.
    If you have any projects you want to be published on the Appstore. Contact us on vincent.dondaine@bulkypix.com.
    Bulkypix website: www.bulkypix.com
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