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  • Robert Johnson
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  • BRICS100 Research conducts and publishes studies, surveys, assessments and rankings in areas related to growth and development of economics, education, business and management in the BRICS nations. The reports and rankings of BRICS100 Research are the first in the world dedicated to assessing and recognizing best companies, business schools and universities in the five BRICS countries. The three major listings products of BRICS100 Research are: BRICS100 List of Fastest Growing Companies; the BRICS100 LIst of Best Business Schools; and the BRICS100 List of Top Universities.
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  • China & India Rule the 2018 List of BRICS 100 Blue Ocean Entrepreneurs
  • The 2018 Top BRICS100 Blue Ocean Entrepreneurs listings that are due anytime later this month stamp the fact that the Chinese and the Indian growth stories carry on unabated. While the Chinese keep surprising with their abilities to ape and beat global giants and build their own Amazons and Googles and WhatsApps, the India of 2018 is high on new ideas and smart leadership.
  • Even as Brazil and South Africa appear to continue to stutter a little just as they did the past two years, the Indian and the Chinese growth stories ...
  • January 31, 2018
  • 39 Indian companies in the BRICS100 List of Fastest Growing Companies - 3 in top 10
  • In the first ever annual listings of the fastest growing companies of BRICS nations - the BRICS100 - as many as 39 Indian companies grabbed the global spotlight for the year 2014.
  • By Robert Johnson (@brics100_robert)

    The world's maiden exercise on ranking up the companies that moved and shook the industries in the ...
  • May 05, 2015