BP Oil Spill Solution - "MPCD" Biodegradable Chemicals Propose To Clean The Areas

Top Quote BP Oil Spill Solution. Gulf of Mexico or in any other place. We propose to clean the areas, the sand and the vegetation "In Site" with Biodegradable Chemicals MPCD and Biological Acceptable Products BIOSINFO that are Environmentally Friendly to accelerate the process of Biodegradation. To do that we need heavy machinery to mix the products with the soil and sand and a lot of hand labor "In Site". End Quote
    QuoteWe have the solution to the BP oil spillage problem in the Gulf of Mexico or in any other place.Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) June 23, 2010 - AAA Construction & Development "MPCD"

    Mechanism of the Product's Action in the presence of Hydrocarbons:


    1. Introduction:

    The physical principle at the base of the product is the biodegradation of the hydrocarbons through the breakdown of their molecular chain providing a conditioned nutrient for the microbial population present in the atmosphere.

    Unlikely traditional methods like bio-pile or Farm Lands that take very long periods and very specific conditions to operate, the product rends the hydrocarbons readily digestible facilitating and speeding up the hydrocarbons' biodegradation by acting as a catalyser for the microbial/bacteria activity dramatically reducing the time required to decontaminate the polluted site which is now counted in days rather than months needed with the traditional methods.

    The surfactant present in the product breaks the heavy hydrocarbon chain (C> 12) into individual smaller particles or monomers (molecular disgregation). The sodium metasilicate (like all the alkaline silicates) comes in contact with the hydrocarbons to form silicate compounds. Such silicate compounds have the characteristic of low solubility, not being toxic and easily solvable. Moreover the alkaline silicates create a gelatinous film that isolates the monomers (molecular disgregation) that have precipitated and as soon as they have formed avoiding their recombination into the original hydrocarbon's chain. The sodium carbonate has the function of stabilizing the precipitation process and the entrapment of the monomers.

    After the finalisation of the cycle including the atmosphere micro-organisms' action which will bring the polluted soil within the European norms the residues will be silicates and CO².
    Other major advantages of this technology are:

    •The decontamination can be performed right at the polluted site,
    •By decontaminating at the polluted site there is no need to transport the treated soil to expensive special and approved discharge sites.
    •This technology does not require special equipment allowing the operator to easily reach polluted sites otherwise difficult to attain with the machinery normally used by traditional technologies.

    The Product's action can be summarised as follows:


    2.Product's Chemical Composition

    •Sodium Metasilicate (0,16%- 1,1%)
    •Sodium Carbonate (0,15%- 0.9%)
    •Surfactant (0,02% - 0,08%)
    •Water (97,5% - 99,1%)

    3.Product Specifications

    The product doesn't contain toxic solvents and it is classified as follows:

    •Rapidly and readily biodegradable (tests made as per OECD 301-B regulations)
    •It is not an irritant to skin. (test made according to the regulations OECD 404)
    •Animals do not show toxic side effects when administered a single oral dose (test made according to the regulations OECD 401)
    •It is not an irritant for eyes (test made according to the regulations OECD 401)
    •Silicates and sodium carbonates are allowed even in biologic agriculture according to the Reg. CEE 2091/91 and its successive modifications
    •The Quality Test made by Chemical Specialties Manufactures Association assigned a high cleaning index
    •The product doesn't contain arsenicals, iodine, formaldehyde, mercury compounds, phenols, abrasives, free hetero glycolic acids, soaps, free sodium or caustic potasil, oil, distillations of any kind and sodium orthosilicate.
    •The product is not inflammable.
    •The product is a powerful absorbent and is particularly efficient in the eliminations of smells, though being odourless itself.

    AAA Construction & Development

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