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  • Kavitha
  • 334,Puliyakulam Road
  • Phone: 91 422 4292030
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  • Boyce Carbon is a leading exporter of activated carbon from south East Asia. Boyce supplies activated carbon to leading solvent recovery companies, petroleum refinery units and waste water management and pharmaceutical companies in the Middle East, Europe and USA Boyce activated carbon is made out of virgin coconut shell processed through steam based activation and can be shipped on the same day based on the customer requirement.
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  • Boyce Activated Carbon For Municipal Water Treatment Process
  • Water is our planet's most valuable natural resource. Managing Municipal Water means responsibility. Yet, as populations continue to grow; many municipalities are faced with growing concerns about the availability of usable water to meet the demand.
  • Even in areas where the water is plentiful, it must often be purified before it is acceptable for drinking. As the cost of water increases and as dri ...
  • July 25, 2010