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""If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun" Katharine Hepburn"
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Tori Oldridge
1st Floor, The Post Office Building, 66 High Street Epworth,
Doncaster, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom DN9 1EP
Phone: 07889086071
FAX: 01427 874514
What Makes us Different?
Bounce dares to defy the norm and doesn't follow the traditional routes to PR and marketing, but finds their own path.
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No. of full-time employees: 1
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"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun" Katharine Hepburn
Bounce - Company Description
Bounce offers clients creative and cost-effective PR and marketing solutions from one-off projects to full marketing campaigns. We are not backwards in coming forwards when it comes down to communicating your key messages and to ensure your brand is noticed in the right way and by the right people! Our recipe is simple: a pinch of small talk, a sprinkle of oomph and zest, a dose of drive and some research, all mixed together with our expertise and eagerness to have you noticed. Bounce work alongside experienced designers, web designers and photographers so we can offer a broad range of services with commitment to attention and detail. The result is a stimulated, passionate and dynamic approach to your work. Bounce take care to explore every avenue that could be of benefit to your organisation, ensuring your project or campaign is viewed from every angle. Doing the same thing over and over again would be boring.
Key Clients
Fake Festivals, Sumo Circle, Mimosa
Bounce - Additional Information
At Bounce we believe that itís a more exciting journey if you go off the beaten track. So, instead of following other marketing and PR practitioners we look at different ways of promoting your brand, therefore creating more of a buzz.

One of the reasons people love working with us is because we enjoy what we do by making sure that we always have fun, whilst delivering the right results for you.
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  • Books
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  • Photography
  • Accounting
  • Gifts and Collectibles
  • Environment
  • Events / Seminars / Trade Shows
  • Fashion Industry
  • Banking / Personal Finance
  • Home Furnishings / Interiors
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