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  • BlueSprig Officially Releases Its Brand New iQNote for IOS Today
  • Bluesprig, the world's leading application software provider, claims that their ios new product iQNote, which is one of the most classic note for iOS users taking notes and writing diaries, is officially released on App Store today.
  • At the very beginning of 2014, BlueSprig takes advantage of the festival celebrations to announce that its iOS new product iQNote is officially releas ...
  • January 08, 2014
  • BlueSprig will Launch IOS New Products After Joining Forces with RollTech
  • BlueSprig announced that they have bulit a new partnership with RollTech. They also immediately announced that they would launch some new IOS products, and hoped to bring better experience to users. Today, BlueSprig eventually announced its new product (iQNote , Password Only) .
  • " iQNote helps you remember your life chores, interesting photos, voice reminders, and makes these notes completely searchable anytime and anywhere. I ...
  • December 16, 2013