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  • Teodor Muntean
  • Banat Street 1B
  • Phone: 40762120220
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  • BitEnergi puts on the market palpable mahogany trees, thus transforming the first plantation from private into a public agricultural estate.

    Besides the usual advantages of owning mahogany trees, which we consider a good asset, buying the BitLeu cryptocurrency will certainly lead to increase of its value.
Bitenergi Press Release -

  • BitEnergi Launches A Different Kind Of IPO, Powered By BitLeu
  • Crypto-currency reality continues to find solutions to real life. In order to monetize the savings of early private investors and to become a publicly traded enterprise, the development team of BitLeu crypto-currency has created an innovative IPO through releasing BitEnergi's first Eco Project - The Mahogany Trees Plantation - near Dipolog City in the Philippines Paradise.
  • BitEnergi Team seeks to raise an initial amount of capital from the marketplace and, as of now, we are going public with the offering.

  • April 19, 2014