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  • Biosynth Launches the First AquaSpark(TM) Products Stemming from Tel Aviv University Collaboration
  • AquaSpark™ molecules are the new generation of chemiluminescence probes for research and diagnostic applications. AquaSpark™ probes offer unique advantages as they can work as single agents, they have a higher efficiency and sensitivity over currently existing probes and they are especially designed to work under physiological conditions and can be used ex-vivo and in-vivo.
  • STAAD, SWITZERLAND and TEL AVIV, ISRAEL - Only last August, Ramot at Tel Aviv University and BIOSYNTH AG announced their joint development work on nov ...
  • February 15, 2018
  • Tel Aviv University Announces Collaboration with Biosynth on Pioneering Chemiluminescent Reporter Molecules
  • Chemiluminescence, the process that lights up glow sticks, occurs when a chemical reaction produces light. Researchers from Tel Aviv University developed new reagents to visually detect molecular processes inside cells or biological samples. The new compounds do not require any genetic modification of cells and no excitation light source is needed.
  • STAAD, SWITZERLAND and TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – Biosynth, a global company supplying intermediate chemicals to the life science industry and Tel Aviv Univer ...
  • August 15, 2017