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  • Launch of the Book, “Lanterns in the Labyrinth: The Enigma of Ages”
  • BFC Publications proudly unveils the latest literary masterpiece, “Lanterns in the Labyrinth: The Enigma of Ages”, by the exceptionally talented Nia Franklin. From an early age, Franklin has danced with words, crafting three poetic anthologies before weaving her first fiction novel into the literary tapestry.
  • January 21, 2024
  • Launch of the book: Poetry A Ray of Life by Bristi Parvin (Author)
  • BFC Publication is glad to announce the launch of “PoetryA Ray of Life,” an enchanting collection of 30 heartfelt poems by Bristi Parvin. These poems are not just writings inked on paper but also the grief of almost every individual. When adversity shrouded Bristi, she sought peace amid the pages and the hope of a loving life.
  • October 13, 2023