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  • Jeanette Scarsdale
  • 5262 S. Staples, Suite 150 Corpus Christi, TX
  • Phone: 361-792-0222
  • URL:
  • Baxter Brooks Real Estate operates in Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. We are dedicated to being the finest real estate operation in Texas. Please visit us at
Baxter Brooks Real Estate Press Release -

  • Experienced Realtors Join Baxter Brooks
  • Established realtors with a combined 23 years of experience have recently joined Baxter Brooks Real Estate in Corpus Christi, TX.
  • Baxter Brooks Real Estate is continuing its expansion in Corpus Christi, Texas by attracting additional established agents.
    Sharen Lofties, Ti ...
  • August 22, 2012
  • Baxter Brooks Continues With Agent Expansion
  • Baxter Brooks Real Estate, based in Corpus Christi, TX, is continuing with plans to expand the brokerage by bringing on new agents and working with already established agents.
  • Baxter Brooks Real Estate continues to expand its Corpus Christi operation by attracting numerous mid-career, established agents.

    Some ...
  • August 15, 2012
  • Baxter Brooks Expands in Corpus Christi
  • Baxter Brooks is continuing to work with agents who have joined the company within the last year.
  • Baxter Brooks Real Estate is expanding in Corpus Christi, Texas by recruiting new agents and working with already established agents who have joined t ...
  • August 13, 2012