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  • Tip the Scales in Your Favor With New Twist on Ancient Diet Plan
  • Feeling overstressed, overtired, overweight, or overwhelmed? It's time to lighten up! Lissa Coffey's new book, The Perfect Balance Diet, sets us on a path to live our healthiest and happiest. It's about losing what weighs us down, and gaining balance. If you're always hungry for more, yet never really satisfied, The PBD Plan will fill you up with inspiration and wisdom that you'll use daily.
  • 70 percent of Americans say they would like to lose weight and studies show that almost half of the American population today will be obese by 2030. ...
  • August 08, 2013  
  • Yoga Gives Back and DharmaSmart Help Women In India
  • DharmaSmart has created a special bracelet to help non-profit organization Yoga Gives Back raise funds to support women in India with micro-financing and education.
  • Yoga is a gift from ancient India, embraced by the West. Today, however 76% of India's population-800 million people-live below the poverty line of $2 ...
  • September 05, 2012 
  • New Book Helps to Define Life's Purpose
  • The search for purpose is age-old, and compels us to move forward, to learn and to grow. In her new book, "What's Your Dharma?" lifestyle and relationship expert Lissa Coffey uses the wisdom of Vedanta's Four Yogas to define four paths that lead us to our individual purpose. Take the dharma quiz to find yours!
  • Lissa Coffey's new book, What's Your Dharma? Discover the Vedic Way to Your Life's Purpose explores how each of Vedanta's Four Yogas can lead us to di ...
  • January 23, 2012