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  • Dan Bayha
  • 1 Park Dr #9
  • Phone: 973-823-9752
  • URL: http://www/harddriveshredding.com
  • Back Thru the Future is a technology disposal firm specializing in media sanitization and secure data destruction for industries with the most rigorous data privacy requirements. Headquartered in Franklin, NJ, BTTF currently serves over 1000 clients, including 60% of community banks and hospitals in New Jersey, as well as numerous clients throughout the eastern U.S. BTTF is one of only 9 facilities holding a NJ DEP permit to recycle electronics, a regulatory requirement for shredding hard drives in the state. BTTF%u2019s high capacity recycling operation allows them to process all types of electronic materials in an environmentally sustainable manner.
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  • Back Thru the Future Announces On-Site Hard Drive Shredding
  • Back Thru the Future announces the immediate availability of on-site hard drive shredding service.
  • Back Thru the Future (BTTF), the leading technology disposal company, has announced the availabilty of its on-site hard drive shredding service, desig ...
  • December 13, 2012