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  • UK producer DMIZE releases gritty Dubstep EP ‘Rotten’
  • The mean streets are not safe for the faint of heart. Tortured by the erratic fantasies of a lunatic. Where sinners rule and destruction is glorified.
  • Gear up for the fierce & ruthless ’Rotten’ EP by DMIZE. There are no holds barred with this trio of powerful, hard-hitting tracks from the UK producer ...
  • December 16, 2019
  • GURU releases intense Trance anthem ’Soul Burn’
  • The sun peeking over the horizon, spreading its glorious rays across the sands.
  • A hard, striding beat leads us into ‘Soul Burn’ by GURU. As air filters through, like the winds across the desert, we are met with a soothing warmth. ...
  • November 03, 2019