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Avanti Oil Company Information
  • Admin Office PR
  • World Trade Center Suite 12 A Panama
  • Phone: 1-954-671-0026
  • URL: http://www.avanti-oil.com
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    Avanti Oil Company, Inc.
    World Trade Center Suite 12-A
    Panama City, Panama.


    Tel: (507) 836.5796

    EU: 44 (0) 808.189.1065

    USA Direct: 1.954.671.0026
Avanti Oil Company Press Release -


  • Avanti Oil announces first phase and Re-Entry Project of oil drilling in Texas
  • Avanti Oil and I.T. Kent Drilling is pleased to announce that the first re-entry, Well # 41, is open, on-line, and pumping oil to the tanks, Re-Entry Project I currently operating in Texas.
  • Texas, United States of America - Avanti Oil, the lease owner of the I.T. Kent Drilling & Re-Entry Project I currently operating in Texas, is pleased ...
  • March 25, 2011